We’re Back

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Well, we’re back from Bayou LaBatre, AL. We’re tired, spent, but our hearts are full. Filled. After 48 hours, I’m ready to head back. We may at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Huge need.

I’ve posted some pics in a preliminary photo album. Will post more pics and maybe some video as it comes in from other team members. Most of the pics you’ll see here are more centered on our family and some of the sights. The work stuff will come later. Needless to say, I believe that a light has been lit in the hearts of most of the team that will hopefully translate into four or five teams heading down each year. If you want to go, let me know. You’ll be glad you did. As you click on the pics, there will be some small descriptions. I’ll try to blog through some stuff this week. I’ve journaled all week, so will throw some excerpts at you as well. Thanks for all of you who prayed for us. As Micki and I were reflecting, we think it was probably the smoothest trip we’ve ever taken. More to come, but 45 photos hopefully will be good for now.






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  1. Jon Avatar

    Awesome pics Jason. So proud to have you guys as neighbors. I am sure God will continue to use your labor as “sweat equity” for the Kingdom!

    The Kulaga’s

  2. Jason Avatar

    Thanks, Jon. Hopefully your family can join us the next time around. You’d love it, brother.

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