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For those of you who don’t know who these people are (well, you should know at least two), this is Dave and Debbie Simpson. They are some of our dearest friends. We spent a long weekend with them in August at their cabin. A place where we’ve spent many weekends together. It’s in NW PA, close to where I spent my senior year of high school.

Dave and Debbie are a couple that helped shape who we are today. So if you don’t like us, blame them! When we were first married and at our first church in Virginia, Dave and Debbie along with Henry and Virginia Wingfield helped model for us what it meant to be a Godly husband and wife, a Biblical couple, and many other things. We spent nearly every night of the week at their house for dinners, mooching where we could. And watching. We learned tons from them, but one key value we took from them was the idea of giving. Dave and “Little Debbie” modeled for us how to sacrificially give. Buying people vehicles who didn’t have ones, opening their home to allow people to live there and get on their feet. Investing in people with their time. These and many other things we watched and consciously and unconsciously integrated into the fabric of who we are.

Now Dave and Deb are doing the same job we used to do. So we go to listen to stories of mission trips gone awry, struggles of working at a church, and breakthroughs and blessings along the way. I think it was good for them to have friends they could share with, especially us having been where they are. And great for us to be able to love on them the way they loved on us for so long.

Man, as I write this, it kind of sounds like the Body of Christ. Interesting…. | Photo Gallery






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