Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits
Originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

This summer marked “Sideshow Camp”. The Durochers were pretty much out of commission for some of the spring and all summer. Building the giant octopus show and then taking it on the road. They were at the Ionia Free Fair, Midland County Fair, Jackson County Fair, and Ohio State Fair. Plus he’s had it in a couple of local events. Grace and I went one night together and worked the show so Uncle Sam could get some elephant ears and coney dogs and catch up with Aunt Bean. In the almost two hours we worked it, we took in around $100. Grace was totally into things. She was counting money, pimping the show to people coming by, and had her spiel set up for the customers. She was definitely a “carnie by proxy”. Uncle Sam was so proud of her that he gave her a cut of the action. Pictured is Sam and Grace with her “See the Giant Octopus” shirt and a mini-octopus.






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