12th Anniversary

12th Anniversary
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Yes this was fun to do. I wanted to take a pic of us on our anniversary. Micki suggested we do it in front of the fireplace. As you can see from the other photos in the gallery, we tried a couple of times. She really wanted to get the fireplace in the shot. So we were practically laying on the ground trying to do the “self portrait” pose, get both of us in the frame as well as the fireplace. A fun memory. Enjoy the pics.

Yes, Sunday we celebrated. We celebrated the richness of what we have together. We celebrated life. Love. Commitment. Friendship. Each other. We celebrated twelve years of marriage. Wedded bliss. Twelve years of a lifelong journey we are sharing. We’ve done some cool stuff on our anniversary, but this year was pretty laid back. We’re taking this year and maybe a half to pay off debt and have a year of jubilee. So, we simply went out for dinner and exchnaged one card and gift.

Later that night, Mick had rented some chick flick (the one where the guy won’t move out of the house….Failure to Launch). We jumped into the hot tub, warmed up, talked, and then snuggled up on the couch. As we turned on the TV, the World Series was on. Micki quickly said, “We can watch this instead. How often will we get to watch the World Series. Especially with Detroit playing.”

Now guys, let’s stop and think about that statement. How amazing is that. I love my wife. I know she’s a keeper. To choose baseball over a chick flick and be genuinely interested more in the game than the movie is, well, awesome. So we watched Kenny Rogers pitch a gem and enjoyed some great time chilling.

We were talking later, and I was saying in the Hot Tub that I think the anniversary should be the most significant holiday of the year. More than Christmas, Easter, birthdays, even Valentines day ( I know, I’m extreme). Why? Because it’s a celebration of the most significant relationship you will have on planet earth aside from Jesus. The most important. The most cherished. So, why wouldn’t you? Maybe even take the week. The month? I think we should. Next year it’s going to be “Anniversary Week”. I think we need to celebrate these milestones. Marriage isn’t a gurantee. Ever. It’s my belief we need to take each milestone and celebrate to drive the stakes deeper.

Later this week we were talking about this past year, how we’ve grown, what we’ve learned about each other, the hard and good times. And I said, “I’m starting to believe that saying that marriage gets better with time.” I think we’re really living that now. Perfect? Not by a long shot. But our souls are continuing to intersect and merge. And to me that’s a beautiful thing. Something to celebrate.






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