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This week has been really hard. I’ve been getting in shape, playing basketball three days a week, working out in the mornings, and feeling great. Until last Wednesday I seriously threw my back out. Like out of commission stuff. I’ve been to the doctor twice to work it out. A spasm in the lower back. That’s good news. But I’ve not been able to be as active as I’ve wanted. And with this past weekend being our anniversary (12 years, baby), I wanted to be in the zone. Not to be.

This weeknd we helped some great friends, Fred and Teresa Janson, with an adult event at the church. A square dance and hodown. It turned out to be really fun. I wasn’t able to do the dancing, but Micki was. It was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves and getting out of their comfort zone. Especially the guys. I think Todd Holton was the best part of the night with his square dancing calls. Even though it was our anniversary weekend, we decided not to go out or go away. Pay off debt. Stay in. And buy each other a present. I guess that’s okay when you’ve been married for twelve amazing years.






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