Cookie’s Birthday

Originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

Karson ahd another birthday. Man he’s getting bigger. And cuter. And, thank goodness, snugglier. We were privileged to spend some moments with the Durocher family to celebrate Karson’s big day. Not only did we get some cool photo ops with Aunt Micki, but I got some snuggle time with my buddy. Later that week when I was over at their house for a production meeting for Eureka with Sam, he had just gotten up from his nap. With his Cookie Monster t-shirt on, he came staggering down into the dining room. Eventually he hopped up on my lap to show me some toys he was playing with. As I left, Sam said, “You got some love for Uncle J?” He gave me this huge hug and kiss. I always tell him that I love him when we leave their house. This day, I whispered it in his ear. “I love you, Karson.” His response? “I love you Unca J.” Made my day. Probably my week.






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