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Today Joel and I marked as a “Day of Favor”. We made it safely to Orlando for our Web Development conference. Because we arrived at 10am, we had the day to get settled in and then headed to the east coast.

Headed to the Kennedy Space Center for a tour and lots of pics. Joel has been taking them and I’ll try to nab some of them later. It was 85 degrees today. Then we drove down to Cocoa Beach and got some gifts from Ron Jon. Dinner at a place on the ocean called “Grillz”. Had my first tuna steak. Nicey nice. Then back to the hotel in Orlando.

Our wifi wasn’t working, so we had to switch rooms after being on the phone with their tech support for an hour. I’m sick of being on the phone with tech support….

Anyway, I’m wasted. Didn’t sleep last night. It’s midnight. And I’ve got to be fresh for our conference tomorrow morning.

Don’t think I’ll have too much more to post this week. Headed into a hotel conference room for three days. Unless you’re reading this and you’re a Web developer.

The thing was that all day we just seemed to find stuff we were looking for, got in lines at the right time, got coupons for stuff, the temp was perfect, and we simply enjoyed the day. It was a great day. And everything worked. Favor, baby. Favor.






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