I love this song. I’ve been pegged as a Third Day junkie, but I have to be honest, they make some pretty good music. Some may call it cheesy from time to time, but to me it’s the songwriting as well as the music that makes a difference. Micki was busting my chops a couple of nights ago when I put a couple of CDs on my Christmas wish list. Chris Tomlin’s new one and Dane Cook’s latest. I know.

But Third Day has just been making good music since they released their raw self titled album many years ago. I’m not really sure about their Christmas album or their latest studio album “Wherever You Are”. I just got it and have been listening ot it on my iPod. I’m not sure I like it better than “Wire” or “Time”, but I just really connected with the new song “Cry out to Jesus”. I’ve heard it alot a year ago as one of the theme songs for Katrina Relief, but it’s a song about much more than that. Anyway, I Googled the video and thought I’d post it. It’s your typical Christian video. Low budget and low-end. But the song and message are real. No matter where I am and what I do, at anytime in my life, anyplace, I can cry out to Jesus. He’ll hear me. He’ll love me. He’ll forgive me.







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