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I haven’t really journaled about this, but it’s time for an update. For the past five years, I’ve pretty much let myself go. I put on some significant weight and haven’t done much other than buy bigger clothes. A few years ago when Micki and I were in Miami celebrating our 10th, I really began to become self-conscious about how I looked. I wanted to walk down the street in a white t-shirt and jeans and look good. I didn’t feel comfortable on the beach. Not pretty.

I tried a couple of things here and there, but realized that I needed a profound lifestyle change. A new way to live. I was trying to figure out what to do when Micki came home and told me about how a teacher in her building lost 50 pounds over the summer and felt great. I looked into it. Medical Weight Loss. Not the surgery. Basically, a custom-plan for me.

I went in to see what the deal was. Because I wasn’t majorly overweight, I didn’t need to do their more extreme shake plans. They put me on a plan that fit my body, bought some special diet supplements, and changed the way I ate. That was in the middle of August.

Since yesterday, I’ve lost just over 31 pounds. I’m back to the approximate weight of when Micki and I were first married. 184. I started at 215. I’m going to lose about 5 more pounds before I begin training for the mini-marathon in May. I’ll blog about that another time.

What I will say is that I feel great. Great about myself, my self-esteem is up, and my clothes size is down. I’m wearing a large shirt now. I don’t even remember when I wore Large. This Christmas Micki’s dream is coming true in that I actually want clothes. I have more energy and started playing basketball again during lunch. Some people asked how I did it. Simple. I wanted to. Plus I paid Medical Weight Loss a wad of cash up front and wanted to be a good steward.

What did I do? Ate healthy. Didn’t eat tons of junk. Eliminated salt and sugar. Drank tons of water. Learned how to eat other things. Changed patterns. Now our whole family is eating better and Micki has lost 8 pounds. Not that we’re trying to be the eating disorder family, but we are making the turn to be a healthy and active one.

Anyway, I’d encourage anyone who wants to find a place to lose weight and do it. Even if its 10 pounds. You can do it. This worked for me. The accountability was key. I’d love to talk to anyone about it as an encouragement. Some people have noticed and ask if I’ve lost weight. I love that. It’s one of three key areas of my life I’ve been working to get under control and have victory. So, this summer you’ll be seeing more pics of me at the pool!

Now that this post is out there, I may post in the future about how things are going. Definitely on the training. But “Fat Uncle Jay” is gone. “Skinny Uncle Jay” is here. I’ve missed him.






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  1. Joel Avatar

    Congrats, brother! Great to kinda see it happen before my eyes at the office each day. Controlling how you eat isn’t easy, so you deserve all the praise you’ve gotten–and probably more–for a job well done.

  2. Jason Avatar

    Thanks Joel. Your wisdom and expert advice on how to take care of the body has been really helpful. And, or course, your encouragement. Now, if I could be as “muscle-bound” as you…

    Thanks for the love.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Keep up the good work. New nickname is in order “Slim Shady” or “Stick Man”

    Good chatting today. I need help with the blogger stuff. Talk to you later about it.


  4. Jason Avatar

    Hey Mark!

    Thanks for the love. If I ever decide to do an ironman, you’re going to have to be my bike trainer. Bikemaster Mark sounds about right.

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