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If you’ve been watching the pics the last week or so, you probably noticed pics of someone who looked like Sylvester Stallone. Well, it was him. We got to attend a private screening of Rocky Balboa and head over to the Ritz Carlton in Detroit to meet Sly.

He was over two hours late for the meeting, so I left early with Reed and Joel for meetings back in Spring Arbor. The rest of UCOM met him and got their picture taken with him. They said he was really cool and approachable.

From a pure movie perspective, I can’t say how good this movie is. It’s the second best Rocky movie next to the original. Go buy the new Rocky DVD watch it, then see this movie. It’s not really about boxing much. More about people, Rocky’s family, and closure. It’s a good story, and that is what I love about it. There will not be another Rocky, so say goodbye and enjoy this movie. Cause Sly is finishing Rambo 4. Yes, it’s coming.






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