Christmas is Coming

Ornament 1
Originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

We did our Christmas decorating a little while ago and it was pretty fun. We put up two trees upstairs and enjoyed decorating not only our traditional tree with all the family ornaments as well as the theme tree from John and Lissa. They gave us a bunch of beach/surf ornaments and lights last year for a surprise present. So, we pimped out a tree for the entry room that looks awesome.

It was fun, being the end of a busy week to skip Hanging of the Greens on campus and listen to it on the radio. Lots of great Christmas music live on campus over radio while we unpacked and decorated the house. It was a fun night. Great to spend together. Pretty laid back. And helped us get our home ready for Christmas. We’d love for you to come on over! If not, I took some pics to catch a glimpse. Enjoy!






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