Cabin Men

Group Photo
Originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

Two weekends ago I took the guys from our community group up to the cabin. “The Cabin” is the place where I’ve been going for around 15 years with my good friends from college. I’ve never gone up without them, but we wound up enjoying this time. Our community group is made up of people who don’t really know each other that well. And guys really don’t take time to do it often. I suggested it may be a good idea for us to get away for a weekend with no noise to get to know each other, hang out, relax, and decompress. We did it.

The weekend was perfect. Cold and clear. A few inches of snow. Great weather for the cabin. We had dinner Friday at B-Dubs, headed shopping for food, and then hit the cabin around midnight. Got the place heated up and enjoyed some good food, hanging out, a hike in the woods, and relaxing. It was a perfect time to get away with the guys, get to deepen our roots into each other a bit, but really to relax and rub shoulders. The liked it so much they wanted to see if it could be an annual event. If the first time was any indication, I think I’d be up for it.

Props to Jim Cole and “Uncle Denny” for allowing us the privilege to spend time in a special place. It was definitely time well spent. | Photo Set.






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