My Two Cavs Fans

My Two Cavs Fans
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February has been an incredibly hectic month. I have been gone four out of the past seven weekends for one reason or another. Community group cabin trip, John Mayer concert, Fellas Cabin Weekend, and Cleveland Cavs weekend. I haven’t blogged much about stuff because of the craziness, but the three of us had an amazing time.

Grace and I took our time and had a fun road trip to Cleveland. We got to the hotel early. Embassy Suites downtown. HIGH-END. We explored a bit, and then dad called and said he was on his way. We hooked up and found out that the Embassy had free shuttles to Quicken Loans Arena, or “The Q”. So we headed out early to be able to see if we could see the shoot around and get dinner. We ate really bad food,but we able to go courtside for the shootaround! It was pretty awesome being that close.

We went up and got our nosebleed seats, which weren’t too bad, and Grace and I went to try and get autographs. Turns out it was legends night and we got five autographs from five legends of the Cavs. They were all there and were talking to the kids as they went through. The game was awesome. Cavs vs. Heat. Shaq, D-Wade, LeBron, and the rest played well. Cavs won in dramatic fashion.

Fun parts were me actually catching the tshirts they launch into the stands. Grace thought that was awesome. Dad bought her a stuffed bear and I had to grab her a Cavs shirt to offset the XL I caught. All in all it was a great time for the three of us to be together, spend time with a cool dad/poppy, sleep in a cool hotel and Grace experience her first NBA game with dad and I. I can definitely see a Browns, Lions, and maybe Tigers game on the horizon. | Photo Gallery






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