WWDC: Day One

Moscone Convention Center
Originally uploaded by Jason Archer

It’s late and I’m pretty tired. Been working on preparing for tomorrow. In bed at midnight, up at 2:30 to get to security by 4. AM. Made it out via Chicago to San Francisco. Cool today. Mid 60s. Made it in around 1PM PST. Nice. Worn out. Took a nap. The hotel I’m staying at is a boutique. Nice. But in a really bad neighborhood. Literally not good to be out late at night.

So, after a snooze, I walked to the convention center to see how long it would take me to walk. 10 min. Awesome. Then I got a surprise. Early registration! I jumped all over that. Got a sweet notebook case, tshirt and schedule. I’m all set. Walked up from the convention center to Chinatown and found a small authentic restaurant. It was okay. Tasted different. Then walked back to my hotel after stopping at Walgreens for a notebook and some pepto. Just in case.

Then checked out email, did some unpacking, and got ready for tomorrow. Basically, getting settled in. It’s going to be a great conference. I can feel it already. More to come tomorrow.






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