WWDC: Day Three

On the Trolley
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Yesterday was an okay day. I made some connections with some folks, got an initial tease on podcasting with a product called Podcast Producer. Nice. I left after a session on blogging and administration for Leopard Server to take some free time. I wanted to go back to my room to do some reading. I wound up finding the San Francisco trolley and took a ride up to Fisherman’s Wharf. Thought it would be fun. It was. Kindof.

Fun ride. It was hazy so I couldn’t see the bridge too clearly. Took some pics. Then looked for a cool place to eat that wasn’t $40/plate. Found a blues bar called Lou’s. Anticlimactic. It’s cool to be here. Love having some alone time. Learning TONS. But sometimes there are times when having someone to share experiences with are better than being alone. That was one of those times. Walked back a few miles to the hotel. Nice walk. Then studied up for a few more hours on everything I could on iTunes U. Got ready for Thursday. The big day.






2 responses to “WWDC: Day Three”

  1. mercyme Avatar

    That sounds cool uncle jay. Long day but that sounds really awsome. I would have loved to be there but im all the way in P.A. but I would love to talk to you again. I really miss you and that I would love to talk to you again. Well leave me a message. My e-mail mercyme_40@yahoo.com. This is Mercedes. Love you bye.

  2. Rachel Avatar

    so jealous! David totally wanted to go to this! How cool. 🙂

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