John Edwards on Gay Marriage

I watched the YouTube Democratic debates on CNN last night and some of the subsequent jibber-jabber on who the “experts” think won the debate. Truthfully, I haven’t been keeping up with who is running (other than Clinton, Obama, and Edwards), but was pleasantly surprised by Chris Dodd and especially Joe Biden. Micki and I were talking about it later that Biden’s respnoses to foreign policy were probably the strongest of everyone. Probably because he’s had the most experience.

But for me, Clinton and Obama are the glamour pics. They were strong. Obabma was a bit shaky from time to time on his answers, but didn’t hurt himself. Clinton was polished. But for me, I think I resonated with John Edwards a bit more than the rest. And I think it’s because I sensed an authenticity and agressivenes to him that I was attracted to. He was set up by the gay marriage question and I love how he opened up and shared what he was really feeling. Then even better how he said he would not use his religious beliefs to drive policy. To me it was strong in its weakness. Opposite from what President Bush broadcasts.

Knowing that it will take a complete miracle for a Republican to win the next election, it was great to hear the candidates answering and not stumping (for the most part). Anderson Cooper did a good job of holding their feet to the fire. And integrating YouTube into the mix was masterful. I hope it becomes the future of how we do presidential debates. Our country. Our voice. I may just submit my own video for consideration for the Republican debates in September.

See the entire debate at CNN or each question broken down at YouTube

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