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Big Night Out
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Last week Micki and I took a week to hang out together. It was awesome. Different from a crazy travel vacation. It was pretty laid back. We dropped Grace at Somerset Beach Campground Sunday night, and headed to some place near Shelby, OH. Why Shelby? It has a campground. Why camping? Let me back up.

About a month ago, I was at WWDC in San Francisco. Micki and I were talking and I was throwing out vacation ideas like San Fran, NYC, Vegas, L.A., and Miami. She then replies, “How about Sandusky?” My response, “Ohio?” Yes, Ohio. Mind you, this is the week I have been looking forward to all year. A week with Micki. Not rushed. No clocks. No racing. Just she and I. So, long story short? We decided to stay closer to Grace, save money, and bring out the tent. Camping “near” Sandusky. Do Cedar Point. Then find a B&B near there for our last night. We did just that.

So, here’s the funny part. 13 years ago, when we were first married, we decided we probably wouldn’t be able to afford luxurious vacations. We’d camp. So, we bought an 8-person Two-room tent, anticipating we would have a big family and camp tons. We used the tent twice. Once before Grace. Once after. She cried all night long. Kept the entire campground awake all night. And that was the last time we used the tent. So, we pulled it out, set it up late Sunday, and enjoyed the “balmy” 95 degree and 150% humidity the week. Oh, and remember how dry it’s been all summer? Yeah. Last week was tsunami week in the midwest. So, we had fun trying to stay dry in our humidor-tent. Truthfully? it was fun. Why? Cause I was with Micki and we were away. The campground was okay. Cedar Point was fun. Relaxed. Not rushed. We found a really sweet B&B on Put-In-Bay Island. Nothing tremendously amazing. Just really nice. Here are some hightlights:

  • We rode the Milennium Force together. Despite it breaking down twice and Micki’s fear of the ride. We did ride it. I had my eyes open.
  • We rode the Gemini twice. Or was it three times? Never gets old.
  • We watched movies on our Aerobed through a rainstorm in our tent. Because we couldn’t hear well from the rain, we shared my iPod ear buds. We each got one. Put our heads together. And snuggled up in the tent.
  • One night, in an attempt to keep our cooler stocked with ice, we had to hop in the car late to find a town that had a store open late to get ice. We found one about 10 miles away. To save the cooler.
  • We saw the Bourne Ultimatum. Liked it. Cinematography was a bit jumpy. Too much steadycam, I think.
  • Put-In-Bay Island was awesome. Key West of the north. We rented a golf cart ($10/hour) to ride around the 1×3 mile island. Money well spent. Really fun adventure to take together.
  • Stayed in a great B&B. Clean. Newer. and A/C. Great to finish the trip. Relaxing. Nice.
  • Had a great meal at the Boardwalk in PIB. Seafood Manicotti. $23 for the place. And it came on a disposable plate. Funny.

All in all, a great time. Just to be together, reconnect, and focus for the fall. Which is going to be a busy one, even by Archer standards. It was great to pick Grace up from camp, but sad to come home. My favorite week of the year was over. But there are some great pics for you to enjoy as well. And more stories if you ask. Photo Gallery.






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