Tim Tebow or Joel Maust?

Tim Tebow or Joel Maust?

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So I’m checking my favorite Web site (other than this one of course), and saw that Tim Tebow won the Heisman. He was my number one pick too. Within seconds of my eye catching the home page, I was stunned. Now please understand, I don’t usually notice things. Those of you that know me probably catch on to that. But I was thrown back as I noticed my friend Joel posing as Tim Tebow. Does anyone know where Joel was this weekend? Did something happen to Tebow and they needed someone to stand in? After all. Tebow thanked God several times. I could have been Joel, couldn’t it? Someome please help me with this. Is Tim Tebow Joel Maust, or is Joel Maust Tim Tebow? I always thought he looked like Brendan Frasier. But obviously I was wrong.






6 responses to “Tim Tebow or Joel Maust?”

  1. Joel Avatar

    Dude… that’s kind of a scary picture of me. Does my hair always look that bad?

    But I must be destined for greatness anyhow. Joining the ranks of a Heisman Trophy winner and a star of the acclaimed “Airheads”… how could I not?

  2. Kim Hayworth Avatar
    Kim Hayworth

    Crazy! I saw Joel on George of the Jungle last night too! Joel-you have two other brothers from other mothers in this world!

  3. Maverick Avatar

    HEY i know that picture – you see it all started when joel and jason took a trip to miami – one morning they said “Hey let’s blow off the conference and go to a miami dolphins football game and then like good Christian men they purposed in their hearts that they would not pay more than $10.00 for the tickets – so they were out front of the stadium and some guy starts hustling them – well long story short they got $10.00 tickets and were in a section with THE MOB – no really a bunch of badasses from New Jersey that were gonna break the legs of anyone who messed with them…” if you want more detail on the story ask Jason – he tells it well….and often.

  4. Maverick Avatar

    Hey you might want to activate the Askimat plugin – it looks like your comments are getting spammed with “joy giovanni topless” – by the way you know thats how the miami deal went down – so don’t be callin’ names that don’t fit…pal

  5. Jason Avatar


    Thanks. I just activated it.


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