Grace and Julie

Grace and Julie

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For Gracie’s 10th birthday, we gave her a choice of celebrations. We could have friends from school over and celebrate with a party or we could go to Chicago and get an American Girl Doll. We kinda’ already knew what the answer would be, because Gracie has been wanting an American Girl doll for a while. We were the ones who weren’t ready to make the financial investment for this doll when she was younger. We were that with age would come responsibility. (Check back with us in a few months to test this theory.)

Our day in Chicago was a truly fun experience. We got up late and took our time getting there. The weather was beautiful. Chilly, but sunny nonetheless. Grace loved going to the American Girl Place. Jason and I were absolutely amazed by the amount of stuff there was to spend money on. And believe me, a lot of people were spending it. We did pretty well and only bought one additional outfit and a special comb more than we had initially thought we would. We could see however, a lot of other people were not sticking to their budgets. It was crazy! I was amazed most of all by the doll hair salon that is located at the store. You could bring your doll in there and get it a hairstyle for more money than it would cost me to get my hair done. Unbelievable!

Grace was so adorable with her new doll, Julie. It has been so sweet to see her caring for her doll. She hasn’t really ever been interested in dolls very much. But she is loving this one. I am glad we waited to get her this gift.

Julie came with a book all about her and her life as a fourth grader living in the 1970’s. When I went to tuck Gracie in for bed a little while ago, she told me she was so glad I had come in because there was only one chapter left in her book and she wanted to save it to read tomorrow while she was in school. Cutie.

Well, any day in Chicago is a good day, but when it’s a birthday celebration, it’s even better. We did a little shopping at the usual stores, Gap, Old Navy, Express, Marshall Fields. We visited Garrett’s Popcorn shop for some yummy popcorn for some friends back home. And we had Linner (our word for the meal that’s kind of lunch but kind of dinner) at Giordanno’s. It was a great day!






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    Yay for Chicago! Sounds like it was a great weekend!

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