“Mr. Durocher” and Oswald

"Mr. Durocher" and Oswald

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“Mr. Durocher”, as I was sure to call him at school, brought a friend to Parma Elementary last week to enhance our learning. What a great way to bring the outside world into our room.

We were talking about the letter O and about oceans so Oswald the Octopus was an excellent correlation.

Sam did a fantastic job! He told the kids so many interesting facts. My kids were especially interested in how small of a hole Oswald could get through. They also liked learning that an octopus has blue blood. He even let everyone touch the octopus.

Even Ms. Haney came in to see Oswald. She wasn’t so sure about touching it, however. She said that if Zach wasn’t touching it, she wasn’t going to either. Well, Zach got brave and he did touch it, forcing Ms. Haney to get brave also.

It was a great day of learning! Thanks Sammy! When my class came to school the next day, they asked me what Mr. Durocher was going to bring them to see for letter S week. I didn’t tell them I think he has a Shrunken head. :O)






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