Da Wii

Da Wii

Originally uploaded by Jason Archer

This Christmas we got what most people got. A Wii. Now understand, we haven’t really been the trendy Christmas people, but we decided that this would be a fun thing for us to do together. And baby, it is.

Thanks to Poppy chipping in the extra dough needed to make it happen. Now, we’re rocking each night. I love playing 9 holes of golf a few times a week in Michigan in the winter. Even better, our family loves going to our own bowling alley in the living room.

Not being much of a video gamer and the fact that we’re usually three systems behind (our newest system was a PS1), we’re really enjoying the design and fun of the Wii.

This week we got Raving Rayman Rabbids. 2. And as you can tell from our header, we love it. We’ve been playing Rayman 1 with Strods since Christmas, but got Rayman 2 to upgrade. Check out Micki’s Mii pic. We’ve made quite a few. We’ll post our Mii gallery soon. Needless to say, the Wii is a welcome addition to the Shimmy Shack.






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