Spring Break 2008

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So, we’ve been planning this trip for over two years. Grace has been really interested in our history and DC. We’ve talked about when would be a good time for a trip and wanted to go with Duane and Nel. We started planning and finally arrived at our destination. A trip to DC together!

We drove the Clevenger van from Michigan to Baltimore to visit David and Yvonne Roller. I was not feeling good at the time and by the time we got there, I was in pretty bad shape. Now keep in mind I’m rarely sick, but this 10 month winter is killing us. The first night I sweated through the sheets. Day one for us had David and Micki taking me to a clinic where I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Chest x-rays and an IV antibiotic later, I went back and spend the day and night in bed. Yvonne, Duane and Nel took Grace to spend the day in Baltimore. They had more fun than we did.

The next day I was feeling better a bit and tried to man up as we went to the city. We found our hotel and hung out in the evening to plan our big day. We stayed by the pentagon. Unfortunately, we were at this hotel during a few conferences with students. Noise. And our thermostat didn’t work, keeping our room at a balmy 74 degrees. Leaving it virtually impossible to sleep.

Our best day was this day. It was sunny and warm. We took a bus tour where we could get on and off. We hit the capitol, Library of Congress, White House, and Washington Monument. Not inside, but got pics in front of. Plus lots of Cherry blossoms. We finished strong with Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. It was a fast paced fun day.

Our second day was colder with rain. Micki was sick by this time and stayed at the hotel while Duane, Nel and I took Grace to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Air and Space Museum, and Museum of Native American. By late afternoon, Micki grabbed a Metro and met us as we went to the Museum of Natural History. Because of the weather, Nel had the great idea to go to Union Station. We rode the Metro up and enjoyed walking around the station and eating a great last meal at Pizzaria Unos. Good meal and great way to end. We then got ready to head home.

As fate would have it, the sick gods smiled on us again. Duane spent the last night throwing up and was sick for the trip home. I was about 50%, Micki less, and Duane was about 10%. We were quite a sight driving home 10 hours. But we made it. And I was never quite so excited to be in my own bed.

We had lots of fun with family. And fought through being sick. It was great to spend the time with Duane and Nel. Fun to be with them as we explored DC. I love the insights and perspective they bring. Plus, they are great travel partners. Next spring break though, I think we should fly to LA or Miami. Just to be sure we’re not being snowed on in April.

Feel free to check out some of our pics in our photo album. Comments are always welcome!






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