The Piston vs. The Cav

Grace and Dad

Originally uploaded by Jason Archer

So before we left for our whirlwind trip to Baltimore/DC for spring break, we had a special surprise from Poppy. Yes, dad came for a quick trip to visit. We celebrated our Christmas present to each other by taking Grace to a Pistons game. Pistons/Cavs. It was a great game which the Pistons won and clinched the Central Division. Truthfully, the game was quite ugly. But the Pistons pulled it out. The best part was time for dad to spend with Grace. She loves basketball. So it is a great match for us to hang together. Micki stayed home to pack. We all left the next day. Fun because we were all headed in the same direction and got to caravan through Ohio. It’s always good to see dad. We’re already looking forward to May when he comes back.






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