Enjoying a Little Guzzle

Enjoying a Little Guzzle

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My birthday was Friday. It was a pretty crazy week. Really a pretty crazy month. I really didn’t have expectations of my birthday. Dad and I went to a Tigers game and that was really enough. Micki and I rode the bike over to Strods to “play cards”. It turned out to be a surprise party. A surprise Tupperware party.

Now please understand I’m a gadget guy. I love gadgets of every kind. And I love kitchen stuff. I think I take after dad. I also just finished building a house for Habitat last week and will work on this week too. So when I saw the Tupperrware, I was pretty excited. After we did some shopping, we had some cake, ice cream, and played Taboo. Shout outs to Ina who is a German national and did better than most of us with English as her second language. And thanks friends for chipping in on so much love. We put it all out so show you what you bought and what we got for free. I have before and after photos to see the transformation of our cabinets. Feel free to check it out when you stop by. It was a great night. And great Saturday a week later when the motherload arrived! As Uncle Sam would say, “The quality of life just went up.”






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