Jason Unwrapped

Jason Unwrapped

Originally uploaded by Jason Archer

So last week is was my birthday. It was a cool weekend. When I returned to the office, I was welcomed by my office literally being wrapped. Every single piece of my office was gift-wrapped by unidentified office co-workers. It took a long time. And it was pretty cool.

As I was reflecting through the day, I thought about how blessed I am. How thankful I am for where I am. For what I’m doing. Who i work for. And who I work with. Someone worked really hard to wrap my phone, coffee bag, every individual book, computer, and french press. Even my coaster. It’s a culture I’m privileged to be in. Made it a pretty cool day. If you stop by, you’ll see most of it is still wrapped. Keeps reminding me of what I have. And what I’m thankful for.






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