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So we’re making some changes in the Archer family this week. We’ve been trying to drink water regularly. We do a pretty good job. I’ve been trying to keep up on my 64 oz per day, but haven’t been doing too well this year. We’ve been buying bottled water for years. This year we started recycling. Trying to do our part to be as green as we can. Today we take the next step.

It started with the Nalgene argument. Apparently, there is some evidence that the chemical make up of a certain Nalgene, #7, could be harmful. Studies showed it to be true. However, the EPA did not validate the studies, therefore invalidating the scare. But the damage was done. Everyone was trading in their Nalgenes for a new one that was “safe”.

As we were making our transition to trade in our old Nal’s, I did some research on filtered water. Turns out the bottled water phenomenon is now so popular, that water bottles are now the second-largest item in land fills. Next to diapers.

So I went out today and bought a PUR water filter for our faucet. Also a pitcher that will fit in the door of the fridge. For $25, I can filter 100 gallons of water. 100 gallons! And no trash. No recycling. So, we got some new water bottles to go in our new filter. Saving money. Better for the environment. Better for our bodies. Everyone wins. Quality of life going up, Arch-tastic style.

So, if you’re interested in getting good water, saving money, and doing the environment good, think about a water filter for your home and cut out the disposable water bottles. Jesus would. You should too. 🙂






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  1. David Avatar

    It may be interesting to note also that governmental restrictions are much less harsh on bottled water than they are on public tap water!

  2. sara Avatar

    Hmmm . . . as I read this I have four partially full bottles of water on my desk. Point taken.

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