Worlds Worst Airport

worlds worst airport

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So this is Reagan airport on DC. Not the new Reagan. The old one. In Detroit, we have two terminals. The new Northwest hub, and the old, crusty “Smith Terminal”. This was my view for five hours on Monday.

I flew into DC Sunday morning to interview a student for a video piece I’m working on for SAU. Met up with him at the Lincoln Memorial in the afternoon, and was back in the airport Monday morning to head home.

I wanted to get an earlier flight, but made the mistake of checking my bag. Which I learned if you want flexibility for flying, checking is a BIG no no. Because I could no longer get an earlier flight. I have to fly with the bag I checked. Post 9/11 stuff. I wound up spending my day at the crustiest terminal I’ve ever been in. One nappy coffee/sandwich shop, one pizza stand, newsstand, and bar. Oh, and I could get my shoes shined. Did I mention no free wifi?

I managed to muddle through because I had a truckload of work to do for a class I’m taking in order to teach a class next month. I had printed off all of the assignments, so I hunkered down and wrote about 10 pages worth of work. I was never so happy to get on a plane as I was that day. It was 55 when I left DC. Just in time to drive home in a sleet storm. Welcome home to Michigan.






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