Hagstroms & Archers

Hagstroms & Archers

Originally uploaded by Jason Archer

We are just finishing up cleaning the house, putting away groceries, and preparing for the second half of winter. As we were going through our mail, we came across one of the highlights of mail for the year. A Christmas letter from some dear friends. The Hagstroms.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen them. Five years in fact. But I think about them probably more than they know. It was great to get caught up with Peter, Anna, and Nathan. Also to celebrate Paul’s promotion and Deb’s almost-tenure.

I went through some of our old pics in our iPhoto gallery and found these from a special visit as they were on their way to Minnesota to visit family.

We love you Hagstroms. We miss you. Our home is always open to you as well as our hearts. Always.






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