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A couple of weeks ago I was out of town on business for SAU. David Crowder Band came to SAU to the fieldhouse. I literally got choked up when i realized that I would miss Grace’s first concert because I was out of town. Especially having it be DCB. Mick took a pic from her iPhone. Grace was so fired up about the show. All reports from the event were that it was fun, great music, but mostly good worship. I’m actually listening to DCB as I’m posting at work today. Hmmm. Wonder how that worked itself out?

Bottom line: I want Grace to love music. All kinds. But I love even more to see her heart bend toward Jesus as she engages music. This was one of those moments. I missed it. But Micki was there to share it with Gracie. She’s actually wearing a DCB shirt today. It’s green. Her favorite color. Proudly and conveniently wearing it today on St. Patrick’s Day.






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