Why I Love Social Networking

My co-worker Jason (yeah, I know, we have the same name), turned me on to this vimeo vid.  Hilarious.  I’m not one to be all up in the mix for crazy squirrels and guys getting hit in the “cash and prizes” type videos.  But this friends, is funny.  It’s geeky, but funny.  At least i think so.  Enjoy.

Auto Tuning from Casey D on Vimeo.






3 responses to “Why I Love Social Networking”

  1. Dave Avatar

    That was amazing. We all need to get vocoders at work now.

  2. Jason Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be crazy? I’ve shown this to a couple of people and now I’m wondering if I’m in the minority of people who really think this is funny.

  3. Grace Archer Avatar


    I’m @ school. Just wanted to say that one of the best days of my life was seeing you run the mini and come give me a high-five! You amaze me in many ways but that was one of them! Running you’r heart out! I love and I’m so proud of you! LOVE YOU!!!!


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