Memorial Day Weekend

Tigers Crew

Originally uploaded by Jason Archer

We had a great long weekend. Dad took his annual trip to MI so we could spend some time together. This trip, he brought his girlfriend Phyllis so we could get to know her and have some fun. It was a great visit.

With our family definitely in some transitions, it was nice to be together, hit up a Tigers game, go to the Memorial Day Parade, celebrate my birthday, the girls do spas, and enjoy good conversation and great weather. Check out the Photo Gallery for more pics of a fun weekend.

One of the highlights for me was dad going through a bunch of old family photos and telling stories. It was a great time for Grace to hear where her line comes from. Who she’s related to. Who these people are. As our family changes, I’m hopeful we will be able continue to grow. If this weekend was any indicator, I’m definitely encouraged. Great time, guys.







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