Pirate Girls

Pirate Girls

Originally uploaded by Jason Archer

Last Saturday we had a fun time hanging with Durochers and Pirate Island. Unca Sam asked Grace to babysit Baby Jasmin while the Duro family did Pirate Island. It was a perfect fall day at Flavor Fruit Farms for apple cider, roasted nuts, and apples. We hung out for awhile, had the traditional hot dog roast for lunch, and headed home. I picked G up on the bike later in the day. With so much love for apples, I talked to the owner of Flavor Fruit about what kind of apples he uses for Apple Crisp. We got some “Spy” apples, picked that morning, and I went to town on making an apple crisp and apple cobbler. Just in time for a spontaneous bonfire with Strods, Chilcotes and Millers. A really nice Saturday.



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