Cougar Crazies

Cougar Crazies

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We’re winding up a good weekend here in Archer-land. Friday night was snuggle night. We baked pizzas and watched some TiVo. Saturday morning I got to sleep in and have breakfast with Brian, Chad, Chuck, and Sam. Great time to connect with the fellas. The rest of the day belonged to Grace.

We went over to SAU for homecoming. The day started with the Lady Cougars volleyball game. We then went over to meet up with Dr. Beebe and Mrs. Beebe for a book signing of his new book with Richard Foster. After we enjoyed seeing them, we headed over to the soccer game, stopped off to have cookies and punch with Steve and Heather Castle, enjoy a half of soccer, then head over to the SAU Fieldhouse for the old timers basketball game to see Chuck Brant, Chris DeBacker, Ryan Cottingham, and Duane Skene. It was fun to watch. There were a lot less mullets than when they played as students. Micki finished up her class she was in all day and met up with us in time to head into Jackson for an art festival in Jackson. We got a chance to see Mary Lou Miller’s art downtown. After grabbing dinner, we headed back over to the SAU Fieldhouse to see the SAU Men’s Basketball team play an exhibition game.

All in all a full day. But really a day with no agenda. That was the best part. Even more than the enjoyment of a great fall day was the people we shared the day with. Throughout the day we ran into people we knew or friends along the way. Truly a day to measure the worth of a life. Richness in relationships. A really great day.



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