Thanksgiving with a Soul Patch


Thanksgiving break was one of the better ones in Archer-dom.  Lots of what we remember usually have to do with setting a good tone.  We had been watching some Food Network shows on great new ideas for dishes.  After finding a few favorites, we got our supplies and enjoyed a really fun evening cooking and baking in the kitchen.  All three of us.

Laughing Over Spilled Milk


This year we decided to head to Durochers early to hang and prep for the day.  It was a good call.  We arrived early, made some appetizers with the kids, and had a blast.  10 kids and 10 adults.  Lots of noise.  Great food.  Seems like we ate all day.  The kids performed some skits and puppet shows.  We all snuggled down and watched Muppets from Space.  Looked at black Friday ads.  Relaxed.  It was a genuinely good day.  Oh, and one of our highlights was Mick’s milk.  You see the pic.  You can guess.  Ask her about it.  A great moment.


Friday morning was my first “Black Friday” experience.  Up at 5.  At Strods at 5:15.  Shopping after hooking up.  Here’s the nutshell for me on black Friday:  Much ado about nothing.  What I loved was the adventure of being together.  Loved being with John and Lissa.  Loved seeing the excitement of Micki looking for deals.  But I really didn’t see much at a discount motivating me to be up that early and wait that long.  Plus, I’m seemingly ruined lately for consumerism with much of what I’m reading lately about our wealth and responsibility with our wealth.  But enough “debbie-downer”.  It was really fun to be together.  But don’t count on me next year.

Later in the afternoon we wound up hooking up with Duros to catch “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.  Really fun movie.  Great time.  Later in the evening we were wandering around the mall and saw Duros eating at the Alpha Coney Island.  We stopped and hung out a bit more.  That’s where we captured the soon-to-be-classic “Jasmin Soulpatch” video.  Later that night I helped Strods make a 50th wedding anniversary video for Lissa’s parents.  Wow.  50 years.  I hope to celebrate that someday.


Saturday Micki worked on her paper while I was helping a friend drywall the ceiling of his basement.  After getting cleaned up, we connected with the Pages at Outback.  Dave treated us to a great meal with all of the kids.  Dave and I were at the “kid table”.  A great meal and fun being together.  We were planning on going out after dinner to see “The Blind Side”.  After heading over to Jackson and discovering it was sold out, I hopped on my Fandango iPhone app and bought tickets in Lansing.  We ran to the cars and drove about 80 to Lansing and made it in time.  We couldn’t sit together, but it was a fun adventure.  We got to ride up with Shanna and her friend Monica.

After getting in late Saturday, I prepped for our class.  Sunday the class was a bit lame.  But the afternoon was good getting time to gear up for the week.  All in all, fun long weekend.  Great friends and great adventures.  Definitely thankful.

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