Uncharted Waters

Well it’s done.  It’s official.  After nearly ten years working at Spring Arbor University, I have officially tendered my resignation.  Effective March 1, I will be the new Executive Director of Communication for the Free Methodist Church world-wide.  I’ll be leading strategy and implementation of communication.  I’m very excited.  Here’s the message I sent to co-workers at SAU moments ago:

Some of you may have gotten word that I’ve accepted a new position and have resigned my position at Spring Arbor University.  I wanted to share with you a few details regarding this major transition for myself and family.

A few months ago I was invited to candidate for the position of Executive Director of Communication for the Free Methodist Church.  It wasn’t something I was looking for.  But over the course of several interviews, much prayer and wise counsel, I’ve concluded that this is the next step for me.  I’ve always been interested in leadership and vision coupled with innovation.  This is a tremendous opportunity to help build the Kingdom on a global scale.

It’s important to underscore my love for Spring Arbor University and all it has done for me and my family.  We’ve grown and been nurtured through almost ten years.  (Dang it, I’m not going to get my 10 year pin!).  This community is important.  Important enough for me to accept this new position without relocating to Indianapolis.  I will be doing some traveling and commuting.  However, our family will stay anchored here in Spring Arbor.  Micki will continue to teach at Warner Elementary.  Grace will still attend Western Middle School.  I’ll still be popping my head over at the DC for lunch and coffee at Sacred Grounds.

My last day is officially February 19.  Jeff Edwards, VP/CIO for Technology Services and Randy Meredith, Director of Academic Technology, will be working with HR to begin the search process for a replacement.  We’re hoping to not miss too many beats in our services to faculty and ultimately students.  Working for Randy Meredith in OAT has been the best job I’ve ever had and the best supervisor I’ve ever had.  It’s a joy to come to work every day.  I’m hoping I can take these great examples of leadership into my new role to lead by serving.

I want to thank so many of you for helping me grow these past years.  Also thanks for the opportunity to serve so many of you.  It has been a privilege.

I’m extremely excited to adventure into the unknown.  I don’t know the team.  I don’t know the challenges.  I’ve never led a team this large for this size task.  What I do know is that I know for sure the Holy Spirit is calling me to this.  Someone once said years ago this tasty little morsel, “Where the Lord guides, He provides.”  I’m inclined to agree.  More to come, I’m sure.  I just wanted to post this to share in our excitement.







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