Spring Break in the Estrogen Ocean

Spring Breakers, originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

I’m so excited to head to Florida today. Last Thursday, Micki and Grace drove down to Indy to stay with me. I decided to drive with them to Knoxville, TN to pick up Debbie Simpson so Mick could have some rest and we could hang out in the car together. Turns out, everyone in the entire country were driving that road on Friday to Florida. It was not really a fun drive. But great to be together. We connected eventually with Debbie and found a rental car for me to grab at the Knoxville airport to drive back to Indy. I wound up on the road Friday from 7am to Saturday 1am. But it was worth it to hang with the girls, see Debbie, and start their trip off right.

They stayed in Birmingham Friday night and got to Destin, FL on Saturday. They’ve been enjoying time at the beach, getting stung by jellyfish, doing some shopping, and otherwise, just relaxing. I’ve enjoyed getting updates, but I’m ready to join them. I couldn’t take a week of vacation my first month, so I’m flying down tonight after work to spend a day in Florida and then drive back Friday to Knoxville to drop off Debbie. There’s a lot of traveling lately. I enjoy some of it. But the thing I’m looking forward to the most is a walk on the beach tonight with my girl. I’m sure Micki will post some pics and video (from her new Flip camera) when she can.






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