Birthday, Micki, & Chicago

Micki’s birthday was really fun this year. She elected rather than the usual party, she’d like to go away to see a concert. Early in the winter she said she’d always wanted to see Bon Jovi. They were in Chicago the week of her birthday, so I immediately booked the tickets and hotel.

We drove to Chicago the night before and stayed downtown at the HIlton by Soldier Field. We ate downtown that night, had breakfast the next morning at Mick’s favorite spot, Corner Bakery. We did some birthday shopping on Michigan Ave for the day, enjoyed a fun Starbucks, and had Mexican for dinner.

We drove to the United Center and found decent parking. After getting in when the doors opened, we looked over merch, had dinner, and found our amazing seats. The concert was great. It was funny to see how old the crowd was and the energy level was a bit different from Big Ticket Festival. The music was great and the concert was just what Micki was hoping for.

After the show, we drove straight home. Got in around 4am, just in time for a quick nap and back to work. I love adventures and this one with Micki was a good one.  |  Flickr Photoset

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