Landing in Buja

Landing in Buja, originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

A few hours ago we landed in Bujumbura, Burundi. We’re excited to finally arrive to a place we can settle in for the next twelve days. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for three days, so I’m ready for a shower and recovery. We arrived in Nairobi last night and were greeted warmly by Mike and Kyle Reynen. From there we enjoyed time with the Reynens and a great night sleep. After a five-star breakfast, we loaded back up and headed for the Nairobi airport to fly to Bujumbura. After our brief flight, we arrived safely with all of our bags and the delight of seeing Joel, Hannah and Leah Miller.
The kids went right to playing and we had the joy of unpacking all of the gifts from people back home. The joy on everyone’s face was priceless.
Joel and I went into town with Dr. Todd from SAU who is here working on IT infrastructure at Hope Africa University. He needed faster Internet at a local cafe. I needed coffee. Joel and I went to exchange some money and we headed back to post this update.
Africa is beautiful. I’m excited for the days ahead as we rest and work in this context. We’re just overjoyed to see our friends and share life together in these days.






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