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  • Barclays

    Barclays, originally uploaded by Jason Archer. As I’ve been learning how to travel Internationally, I take my cues from the experts. For instance, on my fall trip to Madrid, I was advised to move money over to my ATM account and withdraw it when I needed local cash. The machines provide a better conversion rate…

  • When I Grow Up

    Here are a few of the classic first grade essays on “When I Grow Up” from Micki’s class. The Chef When I growup I want to be a chef.  Becos I silly like to cook.   I will call my renschront “(name’s) food Bufet.  Thare I will make a difrint iceiy’s thare.  Thare will be…

  • First Day of School

    Beauties, originally uploaded by Jason Archer. Another first day of school picture with my beautiful ladies. Grace in 8th grade. Micki in her ninth year teaching, this year first grade. I’m so proud of both of these girls and looking forward to a great year.  |  Flickr Photoset