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  • Cell Phone Contract

    Cell Phone Contract

    Last year I posted an article for us on developing a Facebook contract for teens.  Being that we have one, we didn’t just want to open the floodgates and give her free reign.  We’ve talked to some parents who have different types of ways to accomplish this.  As we began tackling this, I dove into…

  • Facebook Family Contract

    Facebook Family Contract

    I’m a parent of an amazing teen.  I acknowledge that growing up as a teen today is 1000 times harder than when my shadow dawned the hallways of high school.  Social media, specifically Facebook, has changed the way high school students connect.  A lot has been written about social media and how to manage it.…

  • Electricity is out.. Again

    Electricity is out.. Again, originally uploaded by Jason Archer. Living in Bujumbura is interesting. We hear in the US to be thankful for what we have. But rarely do we actually feel it. It wasn’t long before we realized that running water and electricity are luxury items in Burundi. At least a few times daily…

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