Annsational in THE CHAIR

Annsational in THE CHAIR
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It’s been three years in the making. Three. Dreams of a more comfortable space. An aching back. Flexall, Ben Gay, and…dreams. Dreams of a better day. Well, Ann’s better day came today. All her dreams came true. Tim surprised her with the chair she’s been coveting for three years: The Aeron. It’s actually the world’s best office chair. High-tech. High-end. We all knew she was going to get it but her. We brought our cameras to work. And…we forgot them as we went to Tim and Patti’s for our traditional Christmas Brunch. So the best I could do was camera phone it. Needless to say, it was a joy to see the joy on Ann’s face. Fun to see Tim be the huckleberry. Kindof what Christmas is supposed to be about. Giving.






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    What an awesome surprise! I’m not sure what I like better: the summary or the photo. I’m guessing the summary! 😉 Thanks everyone!! You’re awesome!

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