Our First Blind Contour: Coke Bottle

Jason’s First Blind Contour: Coke Bottle
Originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

Grace and I have been having fun hanging out in the office tonight. We got the scanner hooked up to upload her interpretation of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. As we were doing this, Grace was asking me how a scanner worked and how we would get her pic online. I began to explain to her how it worked and we were talking about Aunt Julie’s Journal and how she puts her drawings online.

We went to her site and were looking at the blind contour drawings. Grace said how funny they looked and we talked about it and looked at several sites that do blind contours. We then decided to test it out and each draw a 1 Liter Coke bottle in the office. Feel free to post comments and enjoy comparing our creations.






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  1. Julie Avatar

    I think you both did a great job at attempting a blind contour drawing…and congratulations for being brave enough to share it on your blog. I used to hate blind contours until I joined this little group who post theirs each Friday. It’s great practice for drawing more slowly and you notice so many more details. I love it. Keep it up!

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