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Today was a wash. Literally. It rained the whole day. We stayed inside for most of the day. There was a break early afternoon and we found about an hour of sun. Hung out. Watched the rain roll in and made it inside just before the heavens opened up. We spent the rest of the day eating in at our kitchen and watching the “Burn Notice” marathon on USA. Four hours nonstop. Dozed in and out. It was awesome. We then got cleaned up, dressed up and headed out to dinner. Decided not to hit the upscale “Ocean Grill” in favor of the more accessible “Mulligans”. It was kids night. Spongebob was there. Balloons a-go-g0. Kids ate for free. Crazy town.

After dinner we headed to the mall to catch “The Taking of Pelham 123”. Grace finally finished up at camp at SBC. The Durocher’s picked her up and bringing her to Colon, MI to a Magic Festival. Grace said she may meet Criss Angel.

We drove back to our condo and decided to go for a walk and find a place to get some dessert. We found a bar that the entire town must have been to. Wall to wall people. Within minutes, Mick was already getting picked up by a bunch of guys. It was awesome. We still don’t know what was going on. Didn’t stay long enough. We took a walk up on the bridge we drive over to take some pics. Then headed home. The rain had stopped, but the humidity hadn’t let up. Just finished uploading some pics and headed to bed.

We had talked about getting up early to drive down to Miami. Weather here is supposed to be rainy tomorrow in the afternoon but clearer in Miami. I think we’re just going to lay out in the morning before the rain starts at noon and then head to the mall to do some last minute shopping. The week is drawing to an end and I’m really beginning to feel it. We’re going to try to make the most of the last two days. It’s been a huge highlight. One of the best weeks ever.






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  1. Dr. J Avatar
    Dr. J

    Sounds great. You guys needed this. Lisa misses you but is starting to get used to the routine. She’s eating at midnight, I think. Mr. Snuggles is always there to get his too when I show up.

    Off to work…(somebody’s got to work around here)…

  2. Jason Avatar

    Thanks bro for standing in the gap. I can’t wait to see what Pastor Rick has been up to as well. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I may need some help treating sunburn…..

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