Where Does The Time Go?

Micki at the Beach

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Last week was probably one of the best weeks of my life. Let me explain.

  • First, it was the first time since our honeymoon that Micki and I were together alone for one week with no agenda other than being together.
  • Second, it was synergy to have both of us wanting the same thing: nothing.
  • Third, it was a perfect time to rest, connect with my best friend and partner, and hook up with God. Lastly, there was no schedule, agenda, or expectations.

Since our anniversary is October 22, we can’t take a week off at our actual anniversary. We decided to take a week during the summer to take advantage of Micki’s summer schedule and Grace being at camp. This was the big celebration. And it was. I had been waiting for this week for about three years. Three years ago, we went camping for a couple of days and worked. Last summer we did the “staycation” and remodeled our house. Bad idea jeans, man.  Bad ideas.

We work hard at the Archer house. Maybe too much, it’s been said. That’s how we roll. We make no bones about it. We’re talented. Motivated. Ambitious. All because of God. And a little hard work. So this week was needed. We were tired.

Our daily schedule was pretty much the same every day. Up around 9ish. Breakfast in our kitchenette. At the beach at 10. A few walks on the beach. Little dips in the ocean. Back in for lunch at the condo/unit at 12ish. Back out to the beach until around 4ish. More walks. More dips. Then back in for shower and clean up. Out for dinner and maybe some shopping.   Top up for Micki’s hair to look magnificent on the way.  Down on the way home.  Home around 9/10. Maybe a movie. Watch TV. Play games. Chill. Blog. No e-mail. No work. No school. Just Micki and Jason. Some books. A beach. Some sun. No time. No distractions.

I truly can’t remember living like that for that long. And let me tell you, it was amazing. It was refreshing. Needed. Addictive. Heavenly. I wish I was still there.

There are a few reasons for this feeling. First, I was free from the rat race. Free from expectations placed on me by everyone. Free to pursue my first and second loves: Jesus and Micki. I was free. Second, it was confirmation of what an incredible love I’ve found in Micki. What an amazing woman she is. How beautiful she is. How deep, strong, loving, and passionate she is. It gave me opportunity to focus in on how truly blessed I am to know this woman for over fifteen years. We really are a great match. We truly like each other. Truly love each other. Truly like being together. It was so cool because when you’ve been married this long, it’s nice to reaffirm that you both still really like being together. How easy it is just to exist. It’s not work.

Even cooler is the fact that we still are passionately pursuing God and sharing in the journey makes the whole deal sweeter.  That we recognize that 15 years together comes with a price tag.  And that Jesus has been the glue.  Without Him, we’re not putting #30 sunscreen on and sweating in the shade.  We’re nowhere and nothing.  To both be on the same page of this reality is even more amazing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I missed Grace. I missed our friends. Our lives. But I think I did a pretty good job of unplugging. This picture is probably one of my favorites because of what it represents. A beautiful view. Creation, my wife, and serenity.

It’s funny. When people ask us how our vacation went, it’s hard to put into words. People ask what we did. And truthfully, we didn’t do much of anything.

What I’ll miss as I think about our time are walks on the beach, drives in our convertible at night, unhurried conversations, lack of distractions, laughter, time slowing down, simplicity, and the joy of doing one thing: Hanging out with Micki. I’m already anticipating doing this every year. I’m mandating it. I need it. We need it. And until that time, I’ll be thinking about this moment. I’ll be waiting for another walk on the beach with my girl.  |  Vero Beach Vacay Photoset in Flickr







3 responses to “Where Does The Time Go?”

  1. Joel Maust Avatar

    Sounds awesome! Glad you and Micki were able to get away for a while. Reminds me of my time with Heather in Hawaii. No agenda but her and… the sun? With maybe some adventure, food and relaxation thrown in there for good measure. Good memories.

    Do we get to come over for BBQ sometime now? 🙂

  2. Jason Avatar

    It was just amazing. Thanks for the comment. Definitely unwound. We’ll make the magic happen on the BBQ. I’m thinkin’ ribs, baby. Will contact next week to set it up.

  3. sheila Avatar

    Sounds amazing – this also clarified my confusion with your summer anniversary photos. I couldn’t remember the date but I recall it being fall. I don’t think I ever told Micki how emotional your wedding was for me – I can picture so clearly us touching you guys as we prayed and feeling so much flowing love! On the gross side, all of the emotion came out as tears which made my nose run and having to use my long glove as a tissue – eww! So glad you took the time to enjoy one another on this trip. xo to you all – sheila

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