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She did it. And I’m so proud. Micki now has her Master’s Degree. She finished this weekend and walked toward glory on the stage. We are so excited. She has been working so hard for so long on her coursework, and it finally paid off. Her research thesis and presentation is still being finalized, but the celebration has begun.

As per Mick’s request, we didn’t do much. Grace, John, Lissa, and Uncle Duane joined me in the press box of the SAU Fieldhouse (thanks Duane Skene), and watched the ceremony from the “luxury box”. After a brief photo shoot, we headed out to Lansing to Smokey Bones, the bookstore, and some light shopping. We’re going to have a party during Christmas break when the thesis is all done and we have more time and capacity. It’s been a long road and fall, but it’s worth it.

To see Micki in a classroom is to define what calling is. She’s a natural. She was created for this. The Ph.D. is off the grid for awhile. Now is the time to celebrate!

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